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Mgmt. & Leadership

Every organization needs leaders and managers. Virtually every organization must manage people, systems, processes and products or services. Some organizations function best with hierarchical structures; others are more effective in flatter more team-oriented structures. Leaders establish the vision of where an organization can go and chart the strategy for achieving the vision. Managers guide the people of the organization in implementing the strategy and achieving organizational goals.

Leadership and management skills can be used in any setting. The same principles of leadership and best practices in management will be effective in business, government, education and the non-profit sector. A degree program in management and leadership will help students learn the principles and theories of leadership and management, how they are applied in various situations and contexts and how to most effectively manage change and conflict within the organization.

The program of study will learn to analyze and evaluate organizational structures and effectiveness, how to think analytically and strategically and develop appropriate strategies for the future, how to research and respond to competition, how to manage change, make solid decisions and manage conflict. Students learn about creating and implementing policies, revising processes for greater efficiency and productivity, building and enabling effective teams, and communicating both to those outside the organization and to those within the organization.

Some programs offer the opportunity to specialize in such areas as: financial management, marketing (and sales) management, human resources management, systems management, international management, organizational management, operational management. Those who can lead others and manage people, processes, structures and systems in and for organizations will have ample opportunities in any sector of the economy.

The ability to take a group of people or an organization from an idea or a vision for the future and manage the implementation of the strategic actions that lead to the achievement of the vision will be in demand for many years to come.


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