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Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is one of the fields of study for which there is a rapidly increasing demand in organizations of all kinds: industries, business, non-profit organizations, government and education. Information technology is the study and management of the systems that contain the information people use to solve problems, make decisions, develop products and services, deliver products and services and maintain records that will drive future decisions. The primary task of someone with an information technology degree is to manage information/data systems and build into them the capabilities for data retrieval by the organizations that meet current needs and anticipate future needs.

Whether a student’s goal is to work in Information and communications technology management, database administration, networking and operations, security and forensics or network management, a degree in IT provides the background in systems, networks, databases and other technologies that are used to share information and use information to make informed decisions. In a society that expects instant access on demand to all of society’s information and knowledge across all media at all times, the task of managing the systems and enabling systems to link to share knowledge and data is constantly growing, constantly becoming more complex, and becomes more critical in all organizations.

For those who want to hold a position of importance in an organization, a degree in IT management might be just the ticket. Data driven organizations are clearly the wave of the future. Graduates with a strong skill set and complementary skills in problem solving, situation analysis, crisis management, innovation, communication, and a knowledge of organizations will be in high demand and can expect to be appropriately compensated for their skills and insights.


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