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A major in finance has been the academic background for more CEOs than any other business focus. When we look at the increasingly complex role of finance in international business, economic uncertainty, a languishing housing market and an uncertain investment and banking sector, it is not surprising that there is such a great need for people well trained in finance in every sector of society.

Studying finance provides an understanding of the theory of corporate finance, real estate capital markets, real estate finance and investment, finance theory, financial management, investments, financial engineering, investment management, options and futures markets, financial planning and taxation and financial economics. This is the background required in banking, investment, financial management, financial planning, taxation, and real estate investment careers. These critical jobs are found in government, business and non-profit organizations.

Finance majors must learn the analytical skills and the strategic skills to guide individuals and organizations through the complex and often confusing world of risk analysis and management, investing, credit management, insurance, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, auditing and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of business relationships and processes. Students need, therefore, strong quantitative skills, and they will develop problem solving, analytical and process development skills.

Many who have degrees in finance work in business or non-profits. But many also work for government (on any level – city, county, state, federal) or in public policy. This is a fast-paced, rapidly changing arena that will be both challenging and rewarding.


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