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Film & Media

Students of Film and Media Studies programs learn about the influence of the media in our society. In addition to film, they study the impact of television and new media and the uses of film and media in various contexts ranging from presentation of up-to-the-minute news reporting to education. As part of a broadly defined academic program, students come to understand the social, psychological and cultural influence of the media and how they can be used to shape societies, disseminate information, and communicate ideas.

In addition to the mechanics of the various media, students learn the applications of the media in politics, health and medicine, education, management, business, economics, and in the shaping of public perception of events and ideas. In addition, students of film and media learn the newest technologies and applications for communication and the Internet, as well as other digital media. They are thus prepared for careers in digital design, digital video production, video game production, and traditional careers in film and media as executives, producers, writers, animation artists and media critics.

Various film and media degree programs offer the opportunity to choose different specializations. These might include media and society, media industries, styles and genres, and screenwriting. Some schools offer the opportunity to focus on skills and techniques such as directing, special effects, editing, etc.

Current trends in communication technologies and public demand for film and media sophistication in the communication of news and ideas argue for a strong job market for individuals with degrees in film and media for the immediate future. In addition, these graduates are the people who will be most likely to be on the cutting edge of new technologies and processes as they are developed and they find applications in our society.


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