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Exercise & Wellness

Almost every day there is a story about the surprising number of people who are obese. We also hear about the effect of obesity on health and the cost of the illnesses that often result from obesity. There are many other bad habits that are dangerous, damaging and costly. In an increasingly sedentary society, exercise protocols and options are vital to good health.

Wellness programs teach students how to help others achieve a condition that is free of disease and focused on enjoying and prolonging life. This involves a lifestyle that promotes good health, good nutrition, sufficient exercise, and preventative medical care. Students learn the essentials of good nutrition, how wellness affects human performance, and stress management to promote a healthy lifestyle and a state of wellness (good health).

Graduates with degrees in exercise and wellness commonly work in public health settings, health care facilities, hospitals, long term care facilities and in schools and other settings in which they have opportunities to promote wellness and knowledge of healthy lifestyles with constituents. The education component of the work is critical because the wellness focus represents a significant shift in perspective from an approach that treats diseases to an approach that promotes wellness proactively.

Businesses, government and non-profit agencies are increasingly taking steps to bring a wellness expert on staff to create programs and provide assistance to employees and their families. There is clear and undisputed evidence that wellness promotes improved human performance at work and at play. Wellness also reduces health care costs and the cost to employers for health insurance programs. This trend can be expected to continue.


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