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Someone once said, “To teach is to touch a life forever.” What a wonderful thought, and what a wonderful way to think of a career. Teaching opens minds, inspires, and instills knowledge. Education opens windows to new ways of thinking and reasoning, and to new ways of imagining the world and solving problems.

The education major prepares students for a career in teaching, counseling, administration of schools, or library science and media resources. The student of education can obtain the needed certifications and credentials to teach at any age level, in one of many educational settings, or to oversee the operation of schools or universities. One may also choose an area of specialization within one of these fields, such as special education, science, ESL, or higher education.

Today’s students will also discover a rapidly increasing interest in lifelong learning in a variety of settings. As the baby boomer generation begins to retire from the workforce, the best-educated generation in history will be looking for ways to continue to learn and explore new areas of human experience and knowledge.

Students of education study broadly across all areas of human knowledge. In addition, they study administration, learning theory, educational techniques and styles, instructional methodologies, applications of new technologies, research methodologies and curriculum development and guidance and other types of student counseling.

Students may choose to work with people at any age level and at any stage of education from early childhood education to post graduate learning. The rewards of a career in education are far greater than what is received by way of financial compensation.


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