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Christian Education

During the early days of United States history, most educational institutions were brought into existence by major religious groups of the time. Of course, there are many religiously-founded universities in the United States still thriving today. And in some cases, the universities themselves have elected to sever their ties with the religious groups that may have been responsible for founding them.

Receiving a Christian education is not only for those who wish to enter into some type of missionary and/or evangelistic lifestyle. Likewise, it's not simply for pastors, preachers, priests, rabbis or other religious leaders. There are various degrees and major programs available that are non-religious in nature. The difference in a Christian education is that the schools that offer such educational instruction are religiously-affiliated. They include specific teachings that other colleges and universities wouldn't including:

  • Christian studies;
  • Western religion;
  • Eastern religion;
  • The history of the school's specific denomination;
  • The history of the specific group that founded the school;
  • And other similar topics;

One major benefit to life on a Christian education college campus is the fact that you'll find the entire student body far more accommodating to each others' needs than you would on most non-religious campuses. It's a pleasant escape, while receiving your Christian education, to be in the company of like-minded individuals who are all striving to develop not only their intellects, but also their senses of morality.


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